lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Abigail Olivo

95ª Street.

Home, 95f-36.

Tel:0261-800-25.22. 0424-663-95-98.

Primary School "Tomas Rafael Jimenez" Year 1998.
Secondary: Liceo "Aveledo Agustin Tovar" Year 2002-2008
University: "Rafael Belloso Chacin"

Courses taken:


Level I and II. 2008.


Level: I In The Cefae. 2008.

miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2010

Hi this is my blog, here you can learn a little about me (: .. My name is Abigail Olive, I'm 18, studying industrial relations and I am very very happy (:.
I currently live in Maracaibo and study English at Level 2. I am eager to learn. but it's all talk and I think my teacher obtains with Doris.

I would also travel to many parts of the world and have a round house!

Well, this has been a little bit about me. Now, you Know me a little better.please, I want to make friends... would you be my friend? if you do... leave a comment...

God bless (:



....I like to watch tv show name (lie to me )
I will like to see Avatar the movie.
I like to play video game in my off time.
Abigail Olivo (: